Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Create Quality Content to Attract Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Content is generally designed to produce traffic, to bring people to your website to buy your products or services. Content should be created with the intended audience in mind.

It is the expression and communication of information and is the real thing, which visitors will spot immediately when they first visit your website. Content is only as strong as it’s appeal to your visitors and is usually given away in order to attract people to goods and services they are willing to pay for.

This leads us to the question: What are the best types of content to attract people to your products and services?

Articles have long been regarded as one of the best internet marketing strategies in use today. People like to read well written articles about a subject they are naturally interested in.

Your articles should be tailored to attract your target audience and also formed around the product or service you are promoting. Your article also needs to be keyword rich so as to attract the various search engines and gain a ranking near the top of their list.

Downloads or free downloads are also an attraction to surfers online. Anything that can make someone’s life a little easier, for example a free website building tool or HTML editor, is very popular. People like tools and tools which can save them time are a bonus.

People also like to be entertained and this is where multimedia can play a large role in attracting potential customers to your site. An audio message welcoming your guests sprinkled with a little humor can add to your quality content.

Movie trailers, comedy clips and music are also nice additions to any website. Again you select your content with your target audience in mind.

Interactive multimedia is also a big attraction online. For example, you could have a daily quiz or a weekly survey where you incorporate some type of prize for the person with the highest score. Again you could construct the questions around what you’re promoting or the type of visitor you want to attract.

Sports are always a big draw, especially if you’re going after a male oriented audience for your product or service. You could incorporate a sports update feed from one of the free content providers which displays up to the minute scores and highlights of different events in the sporting world.

Along the same lines of video you could create your own recording which incorporates the product or service you are selling in a way which stands out or is out of the norm.

Instructional videos are also popular. Teach your users how to do something. If you’re targeting Internet Marketers for example, an article or instructional video on how to generate traffic to your website or how to write killer classified ads would be a good draw.

When it comes to quality content the ideas are endless and are only limited by your imagination. But always remember to keep your target audience in mind and you’ll get the targeted traffic you need to succeed online.

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