Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Free Easy Traffic Builder

This is a Free, Easy Traffic Building System, that works.

Step #1:
Isolate non-competitive keywords related to YOUR niche.
  • Start with Keyword Browse to get a feel of your market.
  • Use free tools like Overture, Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery to find reasonably popular search requests (Most of these free tools have advanced paid versions if you find them a bit limited).
  • Look for a high KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) when you click Analyze in the trial versions of Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker. This indicates a low number of competitors.
  • Look for search returns under 1000 when you type the keyword into Google, surrounded by quotes. "Your Keyphrase"
  • Look for search returns under 100 when you type the keyword into Google. Following an allintitle tag. allintitle:Your Keyphrase.
  • Select a keyphrase that can be easily written into an article without sounding weird or spammy to a reader.
  • Use ~apple -apple to discover what Google has defined as synonymous with your keyword, or ~red ~apple for a keyphrase. Keep subtracting each synonym until you end up with a list of word that you should also use within your article for relevancy. As you can see an apple is a computer, not a fruit ~apple -apple -g4 -mac -windows -computer -g3 -macintosh -imac -quicktime.
Me... I prefer to pay for a tool that does all this work for me!

Step #2:
Write an article using your selected keyphrase.
  • Use a free Keyword Density Tool to make sure the keyword density for a single keyword is not greater than 5%
  • The Keyword Density for a Key-Phrase, no greater than 2.5%
  • Use some basic HTML formatting on your Key-Phrase, for better Search Engine Rankings.
  • Write like you speak, not like you think.
  • Keep it readable and at all costs avoid it sounding spammy.
  • Assume your reader is on the verge of falling asleep.
  • Check that the page Title MetaTag = The h1 Header = Your Key-Phrase = The URL page name.
  • Check that the Meta Keywords of the page are actually in the article.
  • Check that the Meta Description of the page is under 150 characters and attention grabbing for when google displays it.
  • Check that the entire URL is under 90 characters long.
  • If you are having trouble writing, try talking into recording device and transcribing it.

Step #3:
Publish your article twice.
  • Take your article and create a not-so-identical twin
  • Use a thesaurus to change some words.
  • Switch some of the paragraphs and grammar structure around.
  • Edit one down so that its easier and quicker to read.
  • Publish one to your own website or blog.
  • Publish the second copy to a Free Article Directory website.
  • On the Article Directory site, create an Author Bio Box that contains a link to your website or blog.
  • Create a link in your Author profile as well.
Rinse, repeat and you are well on your way to building free, easy traffic.

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