Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top Article Directories

When you want to drag traffic to your site by writing articles I suggest you to submit them in the fallowing top article directories. Before submitting once again I am telling you that write articles with unique content, like what your site is actually and how it is useful to the viewers. Select proper key words for that and then submit.
Some Top Article directories are

2.Go Articles (
3.Web Pro News (
4.Article dash board (
5.Search wrap (
9.Submit your article (
10.Articles Factory (

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4 Simple steps to choose keywords

1. Type the word which is related to your topic on google suggest
2. After typing that word in the search box, a dropdown list will fall with lot of keywords(and result volume) which starts with the word which you had entered in the search box.
3. select the low volume result keyword and check search volume for that in
4. check the same keyword in also for getting search volume
After checking the search volume you will decide finally which keyword you want to target.You can also get keyword ideas from

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Easy Traffic Builder

More Links = Better Rank = Increased Traffic

Easy Traffic Builder is a series of instructional videos that explain every detail, step by step. With these videos, can discover the secret to obtaining hundreds of links directly to your site.

This follow along video details the 15 minutes it takes to create software and enter it into online software directories as extraordinary as 7PR. The directories you software is added to will link traffic back to your website.

With Easy Traffic Builder , you’re not only helping yourself; you’re helping the software directories. They get additional listings to their archives and you receive the backlinks you need to make your website a success.

  • Discover our technique of entering your software into directories that forces them to use keywords to link you. This broadens your sites search engine capabilities, allowing you to rank higher.

  • Create as many pieces of software as desired in order to combine results.

  • Each additional piece of software created by you will require an additional 15 minutes to develop and submit for links.

  • The choice is yours as to what software you create.

  • Don’t know how to code? Don’t worry! To use Easy Traffic Builder , no technical experience is necessary. Each resource is just as simple as filling out a form. Just point and click.
If u want to Receive Hundreds Of Links, Optimize Site Visits And Send It's Page Ranking Through The Roof. All This In Only 15 Minutes.

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The Easy Traffic Builder link construction guide is so simple, a baby could do it!

This step by step guide was made to show anyone how to distribute software in exchange for backlinks, regardless of their knowledge or former experience.During the video tutorials, my screen will be visible as I take you through every detail and explain it thoroughly. It is easy to follow along with since every step can be re-played and is demonstrated clearly in the tutorial.

Although you may have found another way of acquiring backlinks, this tutorial will help direct even more one-way links to your site. Who would say no to more links?The more links from different sites, the higher your site rank in the search engines!

checkSearch engines won’t discount links because there is no reciprocal linking.
checkNo need to develop bizarre article topics or shell out the big bucks hiring someone to develop content for you. Entries will not be penalized for content that has been duplicated.
checkI must emphasize the fact that no technical background is necessary. Every step is explained so thoroughly, you’ll be surprised how fast you can learn these techniques.
check15 minutes is all that's required to construct and submit your software. With each additional submission, hundreds of potential backlinks to your site are created.
checkThere are no tricks or algorithms. It’s so simple; you’ll be surprised you didn’t discover it yourself.
checkAll the resources are free or have a free trial.

Make Easy Traffic Builder an addition to any link building method you’re currently using. If you don’t have an ongoing method, here’s a great place to start.

How to Create Quality Content to Attract Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Content is generally designed to produce traffic, to bring people to your website to buy your products or services. Content should be created with the intended audience in mind.

It is the expression and communication of information and is the real thing, which visitors will spot immediately when they first visit your website. Content is only as strong as it’s appeal to your visitors and is usually given away in order to attract people to goods and services they are willing to pay for.

This leads us to the question: What are the best types of content to attract people to your products and services?

Articles have long been regarded as one of the best internet marketing strategies in use today. People like to read well written articles about a subject they are naturally interested in.

Your articles should be tailored to attract your target audience and also formed around the product or service you are promoting. Your article also needs to be keyword rich so as to attract the various search engines and gain a ranking near the top of their list.

Downloads or free downloads are also an attraction to surfers online. Anything that can make someone’s life a little easier, for example a free website building tool or HTML editor, is very popular. People like tools and tools which can save them time are a bonus.

People also like to be entertained and this is where multimedia can play a large role in attracting potential customers to your site. An audio message welcoming your guests sprinkled with a little humor can add to your quality content.

Movie trailers, comedy clips and music are also nice additions to any website. Again you select your content with your target audience in mind.

Interactive multimedia is also a big attraction online. For example, you could have a daily quiz or a weekly survey where you incorporate some type of prize for the person with the highest score. Again you could construct the questions around what you’re promoting or the type of visitor you want to attract.

Sports are always a big draw, especially if you’re going after a male oriented audience for your product or service. You could incorporate a sports update feed from one of the free content providers which displays up to the minute scores and highlights of different events in the sporting world.

Along the same lines of video you could create your own recording which incorporates the product or service you are selling in a way which stands out or is out of the norm.

Instructional videos are also popular. Teach your users how to do something. If you’re targeting Internet Marketers for example, an article or instructional video on how to generate traffic to your website or how to write killer classified ads would be a good draw.

When it comes to quality content the ideas are endless and are only limited by your imagination. But always remember to keep your target audience in mind and you’ll get the targeted traffic you need to succeed online.

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Free Easy Traffic Builder

This is a Free, Easy Traffic Building System, that works.

Step #1:
Isolate non-competitive keywords related to YOUR niche.
  • Start with Keyword Browse to get a feel of your market.
  • Use free tools like Overture, Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery to find reasonably popular search requests (Most of these free tools have advanced paid versions if you find them a bit limited).
  • Look for a high KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) when you click Analyze in the trial versions of Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker. This indicates a low number of competitors.
  • Look for search returns under 1000 when you type the keyword into Google, surrounded by quotes. "Your Keyphrase"
  • Look for search returns under 100 when you type the keyword into Google. Following an allintitle tag. allintitle:Your Keyphrase.
  • Select a keyphrase that can be easily written into an article without sounding weird or spammy to a reader.
  • Use ~apple -apple to discover what Google has defined as synonymous with your keyword, or ~red ~apple for a keyphrase. Keep subtracting each synonym until you end up with a list of word that you should also use within your article for relevancy. As you can see an apple is a computer, not a fruit ~apple -apple -g4 -mac -windows -computer -g3 -macintosh -imac -quicktime.
Me... I prefer to pay for a tool that does all this work for me!

Step #2:
Write an article using your selected keyphrase.
  • Use a free Keyword Density Tool to make sure the keyword density for a single keyword is not greater than 5%
  • The Keyword Density for a Key-Phrase, no greater than 2.5%
  • Use some basic HTML formatting on your Key-Phrase, for better Search Engine Rankings.
  • Write like you speak, not like you think.
  • Keep it readable and at all costs avoid it sounding spammy.
  • Assume your reader is on the verge of falling asleep.
  • Check that the page Title MetaTag = The h1 Header = Your Key-Phrase = The URL page name.
  • Check that the Meta Keywords of the page are actually in the article.
  • Check that the Meta Description of the page is under 150 characters and attention grabbing for when google displays it.
  • Check that the entire URL is under 90 characters long.
  • If you are having trouble writing, try talking into recording device and transcribing it.

Step #3:
Publish your article twice.
  • Take your article and create a not-so-identical twin
  • Use a thesaurus to change some words.
  • Switch some of the paragraphs and grammar structure around.
  • Edit one down so that its easier and quicker to read.
  • Publish one to your own website or blog.
  • Publish the second copy to a Free Article Directory website.
  • On the Article Directory site, create an Author Bio Box that contains a link to your website or blog.
  • Create a link in your Author profile as well.
Rinse, repeat and you are well on your way to building free, easy traffic.

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Pre and Post Launch Strategies

  • Don't even consider that your blog will make money in the first 6 months
  • Don't attempt to get traffic to your website until you have a dozen core articles of high quality content.
  • Stay focussed, one task per day/hour. Stay focussed on that task and do not get distracted
  • Your a writer now and reading other blogs should be secondary to the amount of time you spend creating your own.
  • Communicate with others. If you don't want to talk to people then you should not be standing on a stage.
  • Be honest, open and don't hold back information or great resources. Give your readers what they want.Tell them what you know and how you discovered it.
  • Let your readers know who you are, what your planning to do.
  • Constantly build trust and value.
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from where i got this useful information

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Web Site Traffic Builder

You know it's true...Top ranked websites on Google, Yahoo! and MSN might as well have a license to print money! And, web pages that aren't in the top ten might as well not even be listed — - - it's just that simple.

Due to recent changes by the top search engines, it's even more difficult to achieve a top ranking with these top search engines.

If you have been submitting to thousands of search engines, using pay per click ads, buying banner ads, blasting millions of emails to safe lists, spent thousand of dollars and are still not found at the top of the major search engines...welcome to what our founder calls "the internet's bottom feeders." Don't feel bad it is the internet's largest club...and the saddest can be changed within just a few minutes.

STOP!...Thats right


STOP submitting your website to tons of search engines. It will not work and submitting alone is a waste of money.

Let's make this simple. If you are looking for pure internet marketing strategies that will produce online profits, then keep reading, if not, thank you for stopping by...we part as friends and wish you and your business the best of luck.

We provide success, because we have been doing this longer than anyone on the internet! Our software Web Site Traffic Builder is the original. And this makes our company one of the most successful providers of internet marketing strategies in the world.

If you are willing to spend some time, a few dollars, and a desire to learn we guarantee you internet marketing success. We have the knowledge, we know the tricks, we understand search engine spiders and finally our working together I'm confident your business will have new and better customers

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Mass Traffic Network

About Mass Traffic Network: The internet business landscape is constantly changing, and what worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today. However, the one constant in creating and sustaining a successful online business has always been traffic… not just any traffic but targeted website traffic, the lifeblood of every online business. A continuous and growing supply of this relevant website traffic is vital to creating success. Mass Traffic Network addresses this critical key element while giving you, the online entrepreneur, the tools and means to build a successful and sustainable business.

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